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These Razors Edge Adjustable Endlinks directly replace the factory non-adjustable endlinks. This provides you with ability to adjust the swaybar preload and tune the Rear swaybar. Used for the ultimate in handling setups. These pieces use chrome moly steel adjustment tubes which are lighter and twice as strong as competing designs. Strong reliable ball joint ends allow for greater turning radius than competing setups and do not produce noise making them perfect for street use.


    Allows For Fine Tuning of Front Suspension
    Stronger Than Factory Endlinks
    Adjustability of Rear Sway Bar for Drag Racing & Road Racing Applications
    Chrome Moly Lightweight Adjustment Tube
    40% Stronger Balljoint Than Competing Endlinks
    Great Upgrade For All Car Stock or Modified
    Comes as a Pair

Razors Edge Mopar LX Rear Adjustable Sway Bar E

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