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Product Line: Lakewood Drag Shocks and Struts


Internal Design: Twin-tube

Adjustable: No

Gas Charged: No

Bushing Material: Polyurethane

Bushing Color: Black

Boot Included: No

Quantity: 1

Notes: 90/10 valving.


  • Improves weight transfer
  • Reduced wheel hop
  • More consistent ET's
  • Reduced brake dive
  • Better high speed stability
  • Easy bolt-in installation
  • Multi-stage valving
  • No oil foaming or fade
  • This fits 2005-2010 without modification.  2010 and up requires slight modification.


Lakewood combined their experience and the latest technology in drag racing to develop shocks and struts that are superior to all other drag shocks and struts available. They provide the correct weight transfer on the initial launch and then bring the front-end down quickly for aerodynamic purposes. This transfer will result in lower ETs and keep the rear-end loaded for maximum traction.



Manufacturer's Part Number: 40530

Lakewood 90/10 Front Drag Shock

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